Court-ordered counseling / Workshops / Training Services

Life happens fast and decisions are made that sometimes come with heavy consequences. Daniels Consulting provides a navigation in dealing with the outcomes resulting from those decisions leading to court-ordered counseling.  With so many feelings surfacing at this point in your life, our goal is to assist you through talking and walking through the decisions made and setting new goals to get back on the right track for your best life going forward.

  • Substance/Alcohol Abuse
  • Domestic Violence
  • Anger Management
  • Conflict Resolution

Your counseling sessions will read like a story through ongoing discussion, written assessments, “homework” for self-direction and goal planning.  The key here is to remember that a positive change can be made from any situation.  Goals and a positive outlook towards being your best positions you to learn from past mistakes and learn coping techniques for everyday life.

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