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Here for life’s most complicated circumstances

Daniels Consulting Group LLC provides counseling services in mental health, life skills, time management, conflict resolution, grief and life coaching, in both an individual and group settings. Daniels Consulting accepts clients from the court systems and those simply needing a gentle ear when dealing with some of life’s most complicated circumstances.

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Oftentimes, people find themselves in situations or dealing with issues that make them feel as if they are not in control of their own lives. In these cases, people need an outlet to discuss, explain, or even vent about whatever it is he or she is feeling. Daniels Consulting works with you toward finding resolutions.


Daniels Consulting really gave me the help when I needed it. Professional and caring. That’s what matters to me.
Noelle Carson
I utilize Daniels Consulting Group as a referral resource for my career coaching clients who have been long term unemployed and need the extra motivation to handle the ups and downs in job searching. My clients always come back more motivated and ready to push through.
Denise Clark, Case Manager
Staff was so helpful and kind at a time in my life when I really needed someone to talk me through a trying family situation. Sometimes you just need an outlet with someone outside of your everyday circle and Daniels Consulting did just that.
Amirah Davis

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The first steps in identifying and admitting that you really need someone to talk to can be the hardest.  We’re so accustomed to trying to live up to the roles assigned to us that we forget that we all have breaking points and the need to refresh.

Daniels Consulting Group provides the ear and outlet you may need to walk you through a difficult time.  We provide techniques and offer discussions that allow you to “turn the tables” on your situation, finding the best resolutions for the best outcomes needed to live your best life.


I will no longer allow the negative things in my life spoil all the good things I have.

                   ~The Secret

We often let everyday trials and issues bring us down to where we forget the many good things that are happening to us in the now.  Daniels Consulting helps you bring your best thoughts and goals to the forefront, dissolving negative issues to where they no longer overtake your thoughts and life.


Whether you make contact with Daniels Consulting for individual counseling or by mandate through court appointment, Daniels Consulting ensures the utmost in professionalism and confidentiality. Don’t be held back by embarrassment, intimidation, or other uncertainties.

Life’s circumstances takes us all for a whirl sooner or later, but being proactive in getting back to your life goals, family commitments, career track, or whatever you seek as a positive element, we are here to help guide you back to the best life for you.

We are here for you and ready to assist.

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